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25th June - 6:30 pm

AllStar Bar
Krakow, Poland

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About the event

What is it all about

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The Speakers

Who you will listen to

John Doe


John Doe


John Doe


The Agenda

How it will go

9:30 am

Networking & Coffee Break.

We will hit off with getting to know each other grabbing a coffee and waiting for the late ones.

10:00 am


Let's get inspired by the talks. We will have 3 talks about building great martech companies.

12:00 pm

Mentoring Sessions!

You will have a chance to talk mentors that are present on the event. While waiting for the sessions you have time to network with other companies

2:00 pm


Everyone will be hungry at that point so let's just grab a bite.

2:45 pm

Topic Sessions!

Most of the value comes out of discussions. You will have a chance to join 20 discussions about MarTech topics such as: Social Media Monitoring, SEM, Landing Pages, Data Scrapping, Email Marketing....

5:00 pm


Let's sum up what we’ve learned this day.

8:00 pm


We are hosting a party at the same venue. Let's join that party, network and celebrate!


You’ll be able to meet them

There’s no time to lose

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